Boo! Books: illustration of Frosty characters in costume trick or treating at haunted house
It’s Boo! Books season already.

Somehow Halloween is almost here which means Boo! Books™ are absolutely here. Come get your 5 Jr. Frosty®️ treat coupons for just $1 now and spend the next few weeks devoting the proper time to picking a costume.

Wendy's New Homestyle French Toast Sticks with maple syrup dipping cup
Wendy's New Homestyle French Toast Sticks with maple syrup dipping cup
Wake up your sweet tooth.

Breakfast just got sweeter—and Frenchier—and better than mom’s. Our new Homestyle French Toast Sticks are here and, friends, they’re the stuff good mornings are made of.

Try some tomorrow morning and reminisce about how much better they are than the ones the sweet woman who raised you used to make. Because they really, truly are. Sorry, not sorry.

10pc Crispy Chicken Nuggets
10pc Crispy Chicken Nuggets
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