Get Wendy's delivery with your favorite app
Get Wendy's delivery with your favorite app
Wendy’s Delivery + DoorDash

*Delivery available from participating Wendy’s locations across the United States. Standard delivery fees apply. Price and products may vary by location.

DoorDash FAQs

Can I get Wendy’s delivered to me?

Yes. You can have your favorite Wendy’s* menu items delivered to you when you order breakfast, lunch or dinner with the DoorDash app.


*Participating locations only.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a company that offers restaurant delivery services so you can satisfy your Wendy’s cravings, track your order, customize your delivery location and enjoy your meal from the comfort of your couch, bed or anywhere really.

How do I find out which Wendy’s restaurants are participating in delivery?

Just download the DoorDash app, and enter your delivery address. Via technological magic, you’ll see all participating Wendy’s locations near you. (Assuming DoorDash is available in your area, of course.)

Can I order coffee or hot tea delivery?

Hot tea. Hot coffee. You order either on the DoorDash app, and you’ll be drinking your beverage in one hot minute.

Can I order a Frosty for delivery?

You can do something even better.  You can order two Frosty desserts for delivery.  Chocolate, vanilla, one of each?  It’s up to you.  But yes, you can order whatever Frosty you want on the DoorDash app.

Are there any Wendy’s menu items not available for delivery?

Well, that depends. Depending on your location, some items available in your local Wendy’s might not be available for delivery through DoorDash. Double-check your location’s DoorDash menu to be sure, and try mobile ordering to pick-up in-store if your favorite item isn’t available for delivery. 


Mobile ordering available for participating Wendy’s.

How do I report a problem with my Wendy’s order?

You can contact DoorDash customer service here.

Does Doordash charge a fee to deliver my Wendy’s order?

Indeed there is. When you order Wendy’s on the DoorDash app, you pay for the price of your food* and any local taxes, a delivery fee, a service fee, and an optional tip for your delivery person. Use your DoorDash app to see what the price of delivery would be in your area.


*Prices may be higher than in restaurant.

Are there any coupons for DoorDash?

You might be in luck. CLICK HERE to see if there are any delivery offers right now for Wendy’s DoorDash.