Get Wendy's delivery with your favorite app
Get Wendy's delivery with your favorite app
Wendy's Delivery
Get Wendy's Delivered
Get Wendy's Delivered
Hungry for Wendy's? Get it delivered.

Whether you're hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s more than one way to get Wendy’s delivered.

You can start your delivery order straight from our app, or head to any of our official third-party partners, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats. So, you can get your Wendy’s favorites from your favorite delivery app anytime you want it.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Delivery

Can I get Wendy’s delivered to me?

Yes. You can have your favorite Wendy’s* menu items delivered to you when you order breakfast, lunch or dinner with the Wendy's app (or via our website), or with any of our delivery partners. 


*Participating locations only.

How do I find out which Wendy’s restaurants are participating in delivery?

Just download the Wendy's app, and enter your delivery address - or - enter your address into your favorite delivery app and search for Wendy's.


Via technological magic, you’ll see all participating Wendy’s locations near you. 

Will I earn Rewards points for delivery orders?

If you place the delivery order through the Wendy’s app or website you will — minus any taxes, fees, and tips, of course.


Pro-tip: You can apply rewards and/or mobile offers to delivery orders placed through the Wendy’s app or website, too! You just don’t get Rewards points on the amount discounted.


BTW, if you order Wendy’s through DoorDash or Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, or any other third-party delivery service, you don’t earn points. As of now, anyway. That could change in the future, though.


Learn more about Wendy's Rewards

Can I order coffee or hot tea delivery?

Hot tea. Hot coffee. Order either with Wendy's delivery, and you’ll be drinking your beverage in a hot minute.

Can I order a Frosty® for delivery?

Yes, you can order a Frosty with Wendy's delivery. Chocolate? Vanilla? It's up to you. 

Are there any Wendy’s menu items not available for delivery?

Well, that depends. Depending on your location, some items available at your local Wendy’s might not be available for delivery. Double-check your location’s menu to see if your favorite item is available for delivery. 

Is there a fee to deliver my Wendy’s order?

Sometimes. When you order Wendy’s via a delivery app, you pay for the price of your food* and any local taxes, a delivery fee, a service fee, and an optional tip for your delivery person. Occasionally we offer delivery promotions with our partners in which a delivery fee may be waived.

Use your favorite delivery app to see what the price of delivery would be in your area.


*Prices may be higher than in restaurant.

Can I use a Wendy’s gift card to pay for my delivery order?

No, Wendy's gift cards can not be used to pay for delivery orders. 

How fast can I expect to get my food delivered?

Average delivery time is 30-40 minutes, but delivery times may vary depending on driver availability. 

How do I report a problem with my Wendy’s order?

You can contact Wendy's customer care a few different ways. We are available for live support from 8am to 12am EST, every day of the week. You can Live Chat or Leave us a Message all within the app. As always, you can Text or Call us at 888-624-8140, or email us at


You can contact also our delivery partners directly: 


We are available for live support from 8am to 12am EST, every day of the week.
You can Live Chat or Leave us a Message all within the app. As always, you can call us at 888-624-8140

Delivery available in select markets at participating U.S. Wendy’s. Prices may be higher than in restaurant. Delivery fees may apply. See details in the Wendy’s app,,,, and

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