Get It Delivered: Baconator®, Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Dave's Single
Dave's Single
Get Wendy's delivered to your door.

Not only do we serve fresh beef in our restaurants, but we also serve it in your home or wherever you are. So you can get a Dave's® combo or another of your Wendy's favourites.


Can I get Wendy’s delivered to me?

Yep. You can have your favourite Wendy's* menu items delivered to you with any of our delivery partners.

* Participating restaurants only

How do I find out which Wendy’s restaurants are participating in delivery?

Simply enter your address into your favourite delivery app, search for Wendy's and you'll see all participating Wendy's restaurants near you. 

Can I order a Frosty® for delivery?

Of course! Yes, you can (and should!) order a Frosty with delivery. 

Are there any Wendy's menu items not available for delivery?

Depending on your location, some items available at your local Wendy’s might not be available for delivery. Double-check your location’s menu in your delivery app to see if your favourite item is there.

Is there a fee to deliver my Wendy’s order?

Every app is different. But yes, there are fees for delivery. These fees aren't from us but go to the app and your delivery person. From time to time we do offer free delivery promotions, so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, you can always order with The Wendy's App, and as long as you're willing to pick the food up yourself there are no fees.

How fast can I expect to get my food delivered?

Delivery time can vary based on location, the ability of your delivery person and the weather.

How do I report a problem with my Wendy’s order?

If there's a problem with your order, please contact your delivery service directly and they'll do their best to help.

Delivery availability and providers may vary by location at participating Wendy’s® in the United Kingdom. Prices may be higher than at restaurant. Delivery fees may apply. See delivery provider for details. “Coca-Cola” is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Ltd., used under license.