Wendy Thomas with three sisters from Providence, RI who were adopted out of foster care.

Wendy Thomas with three sisters from Providence, RI who were adopted out of foster care. Photo credit: Jennifer Bonin

As Father’s Day approaches – and throughout the year – I think about my dad and the wonderful memories I have of him, from visiting Wendy’s restaurants together to just hanging out at home and talking with him, my mom and siblings.

I know he enjoyed spending time with all of us around the kitchen table and Father’s Day brings back such nice memories for me.

One thing I remember is when my dad didn’t know how to do something, he asked questions and found experts to help him. When he first got involved in adoption, he recognized there were miles of red tape that slowed down the adoption process.

He didn’t know how to eliminate the red tape, but that didn’t stop him. He sought out people who could make changes. He went to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress and asked them to streamline the adoption process. Then he asked Fortune 500 companies to add adoption benefits to make adoption more affordable for families who could open their hearts and homes and adopt a child in foster care.

He inspired and motivated people through his commitment to foster children. He asked for help and he trusted people to follow through.

It took several years, but he didn’t give up. I’m so proud of what he accomplished.

I was lucky to have grown up with a wonderful father and I’m proud to carry on his work with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

We can really make a difference in the lives of some great children by supporting my dad’s Foundation. He’d be pleased and proud to know that his dream to help children in foster care is alive and well.

- Wendy -


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