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The New Salad Collection

The New Salad Collection
The season's FRESHEST must-have

Now you can find spring's most colorful, craveable ingredients in a single salad bowl - all at Wendy's®, right down the street.

Our essentials list includes high-end treats like:

1.11 different kinds of fresh greens that are a good source of fiber and a rich source of vitamin A.
2.Spicy roasted cashews with healthy unsaturated fats and nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc.
3.Savory fire-roasted edamame that's a naturally cholesterol-free source of high-quality protein.
4.Smoky fire-roasted sweet corn, with a kick of Southwestern flavor.
5.Ripe tomatoes that are chopped fresh in your local Wendy's.
6.Warm grilled chicken that's an excellent source of lean protein, and chopped just for you.


- All for a price that's totally worth bragging about -

So put these colorful combinations in your spring rotation. And come taste our new obsession-worthy salads, from a place you'd least expect: Wendy's®!

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