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Michael Berner
Michael Berner
VP - Corporate, Securities Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer
Mark Harris
Mark Harris
Director - Compliance
Janese Mills
Janese Mills
Compliance Manager




Mission Statement

Compliance fosters a culture of high performance with integrity through partnership with the business to minimize compliance risk, protect the Company’s brand and reputation, and provide employees an anonymous channel for reporting concerns.

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Doing the right thing, the right way, has been at our core since our founder, Dave Thomas, opened the first Wendy’s® restaurant more than 50 years ago. Ensuring that we each adhere to the highest standards of integrity and conduct helps us protect this proud legacy.  


The Wendy’s Company Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is designed to support our efforts and guide our performance to meet the highest ethical standards within the workplace. It is our responsibility to understand and act upon the Code as we conduct business day to day. The Code is neither a comprehensive resource nor a substitute for sound judgment; it is a summary of standards intended to reinforce the behaviors we expect throughout The Wendy’s Company. 


In every market in which we do business around the world, the values of integrity, honesty, fairness, and accountability are held in common. Our actions must always mirror these values. Our collective ability to model our high-performance culture traits, including a commitment to behavior above reproach, is key to our customer experience, brand perception and business performance. By incorporating the letter and spirit of the policies and principles set forth in the Code into our actions, we can deliver on our commitments to each other, our customers, franchisees, business partners and stockholders, and the communities in which we do business. 


Todd Penegor, President & Chief Executive Officer

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