America's Favorite Breakfast
Breakfast Baconator combo
Wake ‘n Baconator®

Our Breakfast Baconator®️, with its savory sausage and freshly-cracked egg, has been up waiting for you just stacking strip after strip of Applewood smoked bacon on its delicious self — six strips to be precise. We guarantee* you’ll love it or we’ll give you a different sandwich on us.

Place a mobile order on our app, and wake up to the biggest and baddest breakfast sandwich there is. 

We guarantee you’ll love it.

Look, we’re putting our money where your mouth is. If you somehow don’t love something we make you, we’ll exchange it for free*.

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America's Favorite Breakfast Guarantee
Free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit with any breakfast purchase.

This thing is sweet, savory, all kinds of delicious, AND you can get one for free with any breakfast purchase with the offer in our app.

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Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit
The early bird gets the deal.

It’s morning. You’re hungry. Why not save some money? Check out the new breakfast deals in our app and start the day with a save.

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Wendy's Mobile App Offers
Made to Crave Big Bacon Classic
Made to Crave Big Bacon Classic
It’s big. It’s bacon. It’s $2 off.

$2 saved is $2 towards next time. And now you can get $2 off any combo when you place a mobile order with the offer in our app — any combo at all.

Even a new Big Bacon Classic® combo, which we recommend because, well, it’s big and has bacon on it.

Get a Dave's Double Combo delivered
Get a Dave's Double Combo delivered
Get fresh beef delivered to your front door.

Not only do we serve fresh, never-frozen beef at our restaurants, but we also serve it at your house—or wherever you are. So, you can grab a Dave’s Double® combo just by grabbing your phone.

Wendy's Cod Sandwich Combo
Wendy's Cod Sandwich Combo
Cod is back, and it's $2 off.

You can get $2 off any premium combo with the offer in our app. And, in our opinion, you don’t get much more premium than a sandwich made with 100% North Pacific Cod. The only thing wilder than this deal is the cod when we catch it. Get the app and get hooked today.

2 for $5 Meal Deal, choose Dave's Single, Spicy Chicken, or 10-pc. Chicken Nuggets
2 for $5 Meal Deal, choose Dave's Single, Spicy Chicken, or 10-pc. Chicken Nuggets
Wendy's® 2 for $5 is too hot to last

Choose either a Dave’s Single®, Spicy Chicken, or a 10 PC. Nugg and then choose another one. It’s a great deal no matter what you choose. It’s the choosing that’s tricky. And it’s only here for a limited time, so best get to deciding.

Check out our Meal Deals to make your picks and place an order.

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Nutrition Information

Allergens. Calories. Ingredients. Let’s find something that checks all your boxes.

*First of all, no, a side is not similar to a sandwich. But if you don’t like something you got for breakfast, you can either show us your original receipt—like, your legit receipt. No tricky stuff. Or you can contact Wendy’s Customer Care, give them your receipt and contact info, and they’ll take care of you. Either way, you gotta do it by 10:30 AM the next day. Bottled drinks and full combos don’t count. No credit or refunds, and only one exchange per receipt. We ARE still a business, after all. Promotion available for a limited time at participating locations only. Subject to cancellation at any time. Geez. Lawyers, amirite?