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Summer Salad
Summer Salad
Summer Strawberry Salad’s back for Summer!

Summer Strawberry Salad is back with all the ingredients ya love like a mix of salad greens, grilled chicken, crispy bacon and those juicy summer strawberries!

Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich + Ghost Pepper Ranch Fries on dark background with red smoke
Our new
Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich is probably too hot for you.

No offense, but it’s our legendary spicy chicken plus three flaming layers of ghost pepper heat—ghost pepper American cheese, ghost pepper crispy fried onions, and ghost pepper ranch. So maybe sit this one out. Unless you really think you can handle it. And if that’s the case, throw in some ghost pepper fries, too.

Come on. Don’t be chicken. Eat it.

Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap on green background
Meet the big daddy of chicken wraps.

Our new Grilled Chicken Wrap is here, and it’s huge. This 100% meal-worthy wrap ain’t for the faint of heart or the only kinda hungry. It’s a main-course amount of grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, and ranch. When you’re done, you’ll want another. But be careful. Your stomach can only hold so much.

Breakfast like a boss.

From the Breakfast Baconator™ to the Frosty®️-ccino®, Wendy’s breakfast is the best thing to happen to mornings since sleeping in.

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The craving calls.

You know when you want something so bad you can taste it? Wendy’s Made To Crave Menu is where you go to taste it.

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Wendy's Made to Crave sandwiches
Save that money.

This is where you can try Wendy’s new stuff without paying full price. Kinda like the VIP section, just without the velvet ropes.

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