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New Sunburst Melon Lemonade
New Sunburst Melon Lemonade
Introducing a lemonade for melon heads.

Our new Sunburst Melon Lemonade mixes our all-natural lemonade with the sunny flavors of watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberry. It’s basically the lemonade version of a fruit salad. If you’re into melon, get into this.  

Breakfast like a boss.

From the Breakfast Baconator™ to the Frosty®️-ccino®, Wendy’s breakfast is the best thing to happen to mornings since sleeping in.

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The craving calls.

You know when you want something so bad you can taste it? Wendy’s Made To Crave Menu is where you go to taste it.

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Save that money.

This is where you can try Wendy’s new stuff without paying full price. Kinda like the VIP section, just without the velvet ropes.

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