Summer Strawberry Salad
Summer’s back. And so are strawberries.

Our Summer Strawberry Salad isn’t just a salad. It’s loaded with fresh strawberries, seasoned chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, and of course, greenhouse-grown lettuce. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of the freshest salads around.


99c Frosty

The 99¢ Frosty® is back all summer long. Take summer snacking to the next level with the cool, creamy taste of a small Frosty for just 99¢.

$4 off $20
Exclusive Digital Offer
The easiest $4 you ever saved.

You only have one job. Spend $20 or more through the app, and you’ll save $4. But you should know that this promotion ends on September 4, so plan accordingly.

Breakfast Croissant
Rise and shine. Like our croissants.

Our savoury Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant has over 128 soft, all-butter layers. Plus, it comes with a freshly cracked Canadian egg. What more could you ask for?

Watermelon Lemonade
When life gives us watermelons…

We harness the thirst-quenching powers of watermelon and fuse it with our already refreshing lemonade. Get a free small lemonade with a mobile purchase, only until September 4.

View Nutrition Information

Allergens. Calories. Ingredients. Let's find you a menu item that matches the wants and don't-wants of your lifestyle.

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Finding forever families for children in foster care.

Through our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids™ program, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada focuses on finding forever families for children in foster care who are often overlooked, including teenagers, children with special needs, and siblings.

Your donation will help expand the Foundation’s work to find adoptive homes for the growing number of children waiting in foster care across Canada.

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