The 411 on Wendy's Rewards
Wendy's® Rewards™
Wendy's® Rewards™
Your favourite restaurant now has a loyalty program.

The only thing better than eating Wendy’s, is earning more Wendy’s while you eat. And that, friends, is what Wendy’s Rewards is all about. Sign up today and make eating at your favorite restaurant even better.

Learn the ins and out below, from how our program works to where to find the Rewards Receipt Submission Form if you didn’t earn points on your recent in-restaurant transaction. And if you have specific questions, hit up the FAQs at the bottom of the page.


Eat Wendy's
1. Eat Wendy’s

Pretty great first step, eh? The entire menu is up for grabs, too. Whatever food you order directly through the Wendy’s app, Wendy's website or at a restaurant counts*.

Unfortunately, directly means no third-party deliveries. Sorry. So now that we know that food counts, let’s cover what doesn’t. Gift cards. We know, short list, right? We figured they were rewarding enough all on their own, and we didn’t want to steal their thunder.


Earn Points
2. Earn Points

For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 10 points. Your points are added to your account in one of two ways.

  • First, if you place an order for pickup or delivery with the Wendy’s app or website, you’re good. That’s literally all you have to do. Mobile and website orders add Rewards points automatically. Done and done.
  • The second way is to scan the QR code in your Wendy’s App at the counter, pickup window when you place an order. Simple. (But what if I forget?)

Oh, and there may be opportunities to earn bonus points from time to time.

Reward Unlocked
3. Get Free Wendy's

Now this is the best part. When you earn enough points, you can trade them for some of your favorite menu items in the Rewards Store.

We keep the options updated, too, because we’re all about keeping things fresh.

Grab Your Receipt!

We'll need the date of your transaction (1). Followed by the time (2). And the store number, which is digits after the zeros (3). We'll need the check number (4). And finally, enter the subtotal on the receipt (5).

A sample receipt
A sample receipt



How do I join Wendy’s Rewards program?

Easily. Just create a MyWendy’s account online or in our app. If you already have a My Wendy’s account, you’re good to go. You’ve been automatically enrolled and will begin earning points on your next purchase when you place an order in the Wendy’s app or scan your QR code at the counter, pickup window

What happened to mobile offers?

Mobile offers now live under Rewards. You can toggle between the Rewards Store and Offers to browse.


You can redeem an offer by adding it to your mobile order, or by loading it to your QR Code and scanning the code at the counter, pickup window.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?

You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on food when you place an order in the Wendy’s app, Wendy's online or scan your QR code at the counter, pickup window or kiosk.


You have to literally purchase an item from Wendy’s to earn points. Redeemed offers/rewards, discounts from coupons, taxes, fees or tips, or orders placed in third party delivery apps do not earn points.

Can I earn points if I order in-restaurant or through the drive thru?

Yes. Just scan your QR code at the counter, pickup window before you pay for your order.

Will I earn points for delivery orders?

Unfortunately, you don’t earn points on third-party delivery orders from delivery service providers like Uber eats, Skip the dishes, Door Dash. Sorry.

Can I earn points if I use a Wendy’s gift card?

You will earn points on orders paid for with a Wendy’s gift card, as long as you scan your QR code at the counter, pickup window. But you will not earn points when you buy a Wendy’s gift card itself. Make sense?

Can I still earn points while redeeming a reward or mobile offer?

Sure can. You won’t earn points on the amount discounted from the reward and/or offer, but you will earn points on the balance of your order – minus any taxes, fees, and tips.

How long does it take points to appear in my account?

Points should appear within two hours of your purchase. Only points that display in your account balance are available to use in the Rewards Store. If you aren’t seeing points for your recent transaction, you can fill out our Rewards Receipt Submission Form within 24 hours of your purchase.

What if I forget to scan my QR code at the restaurant?

We get it: dead batteries, distractions, straight up forgetting. Stuff happens. If you forgot to scan for points at our restaurant for any reason, fill out this Rewards Receipt Submission Form and attach a clear image of your receipt. Our team will review and award you points for eligible purchases.


Here are the guildelines (and some stuff our lawyers want you to know):  

  • You must submit the form & photo within 24 hours of your purchase. Any submissions past 24 hours will not be accepted, and any purchases made prior to the launch of Wendy’s Rewards are not eligible for points.
  • Form must be filled out completely. If something doesn’t match – like you put an email address that isn’t tied to your My Wendy’s account – we won’t be able to find you and award you your points.
  • You’ll be awarded points for your eligible purchase, less any tax, rewards/offers/discounts redeemed, up to a maximum of 100 points.
  • Maximum of one claim per 24-hour period, and four claims per calendar month.
  • Claims can take up to 14 days to be reviewed and points awarded.
  • Don’t forget, points are automatically awarded from any mobile order, but may take up to two hours to appear in your account. If you aren’t seeing your points within two hours of your purchase, proceed with filling out our Rewards Receipt Submission Form.
Redeeming Points

How do you redeem rewards points?

Browse the Rewards Store and trade your points for anything you like. Then add your reward to your mobile order or load it to your Rewards Card and scan the QR code at the counter, pickup window or kiosk.

Can I use multiple Rewards in one order?

Not exactly. You can use one reward and one offer per order.

What types of rewards are currently available to claim?

Reward Options 


Small Seasoned Potatoes 


Jr Bacon Cheeseburger 


Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe 


Small Fries 


Small Frosty®  


Small  Frosty-ccino™ 


Small Chili 


Any Biscuit Sandwich 


Any Croissant Sandwich  


6 Pc Crispy Chicken Nugget 


Double JBC 


Small Poutine 


Breakfast Baconator™ 


Any Kids' Meal  


Son of Baconator 


Any Chicken Sandwich ( Spicy, Grilled and Classic) 


Dave's Single®  with Cheese 


Any Small Croissant Combo  


Bacon Deluxe (Single) 


Chicken Strips 


Dave's Double®  with Cheese 


Breakfast Baconator Combo 




Any Fresh-made Salad (Southwest Avocado, Taco, Grilled Caesar, Apple Pecan) 



Do points expire?

They do. Points expire 365 days from the day they were earned. When you redeem your points for a reward, your oldest points are automatically used first.

Do rewards expire?

They do. Rewards expire 30 days from the day they were claimed, unless otherwise noted in the reward.

Additional Information

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or comments about Wendy's Rewards?

Our Customer Care team is here to help Monday through Saturday  from 8:00am – 12:00am EST, so reach out by email or call if you need anything!

Where's the fine print?

To see all the stuff our lawyers want you to know about Wendy's Rewards™, check the Terms & Conditions.

*At participating Wendy’s Canada Restaurants. My Wendy’s account registration and account use required to earn points and redeem rewards. Points have no monetary value. Full Terms & Conditions are available here.