Group of chickens

Wendy’s only sources chicken from suppliers who adhere to our smaller-bird size requirement as part of our commitment to quality and animal well-being. In 2017, Wendy’s invested nearly $30 million to begin sourcing chicken from smaller, younger birds  

We are working alongside progressive producers to help us advance responsible sourcing practices across animal care and welfare, sustainability and traceability through the Wendy’s Animal Care Standards Program

Chicken Welfare, Antibiotics and Key Progress

Our process for selecting chicken suppliers looks for carefully formulated nutritional feed, access to clean water, adequate room to grow, professional veterinary care and proper handling. Approved Wendy’s suppliers meet and exceed the National Chicken Council (NCC) standards for animal care and handling. In addition to internal and external auditing, Wendy’s suppliers are audited by Wendy’s-certified PAACO auditors.

Key progress:  

  • We have eliminated all antibiotics important to human medicine from our chicken supply in the U.S., which is Process Verified through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance.

  • As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we are exploring housing enrichment opportunities and new stunning methods with our suppliers.