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Delivering more with less environmental impact

Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

Our customers are increasingly aware of packaging waste and its impact on our environment, and they are looking to reduce their own footprint in addition to expecting the businesses they frequent to do the same. To meet this demand and do our part to reduce our environmental impact, Wendy’s has set a goal to sustainably source 100% of our customer-facing packaging by 2026.

Climate and Energy

Wendy’s embraces our role and responsibility in mitigating our climate impact. To meaningfully reduce Company and value chain emissions, Wendy’s has committed to significant cuts in emissions.

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Water Conservation

Wendy’s is committed to making smart reductions in the amount of water it takes for our restaurants to operate and innovating better ways to use our resources where we can.

Food Waste

With our focus on fresh ingredients and making our food to order every day, we’re committed to minimizing our waste and developing food waste solutions that will help protect our environment.

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