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Wendy’s Curbside Pickup

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Curbside to-go service.


Choose “Curbside” as your pickup method and place your order.


Park in one of the spaces with the red sign that says, “Curbside” and let us know you’re here.

Curbside Step 2: DRIVE TO WENDY’S

Crank the tunes or the podcast and we’ll bring your order right out.

Curbside Step 3: CHILL. We'll bring your order to you



How does Wendy’s Curbside pickup work?

Easily and with minimal contact from other humans.

  1. First, place an order either online or in our app and choose “Curbside” as your pickup method—if it’s available at your particular location that is.
  2. After you pay and submit your order, head to the Wendy’s and park in one of the designated Curbside parking spaces.
  3. Then, check in either on the app or online and we’ll start on your order. Once it’s ready, we’ll bring it right out to you.

What’s the difference between Curbside, Carryout & Drive-Thru?

Curbside = placing your order ahead of time and having us bring it out to your car.

Carryout = placing your order ahead of time and you coming in the restaurant to get it.

Drive-Thru = placing your order and picking it up directly at the pick-up window.

Do all Wendy’s locations offer Curbside?

As of now, no. But we’re working to have it at more and more locations. To check if it’s available at your favorite Wendy’s, start your order online or in our app. If you see “Curbside” as a pickup method, that means it’s available.

What are Wendy’s Curbside hours?

Depends. For the restaurants that offer the service, Curbside starts when the dining room opens, but times may vary by location. To check the hours of your favorite Wendy’s, look up its Store page from our main locations page, and then look for “Restaurant Hours.”


The latest you can place a Curbside order is 7:30 PM local time.

Does Wendy’s have a Curbside menu?

Our entire menu is available for Curbside pickup, so, if you think of it that way, yes. If you don’t think of it that way, and you mean a Curbside-specific menu that’s different, then, no.


Where should I park for Curbside pickup?

Look for a designated space with a red sign that says “Curbside” and park there.

What if all Curbside parking spaces are full?

Go ahead and check in online or in the app and wait in your car near the designated spots until one becomes available. Then, take that spot.


Is Wendy’s Curbside service free?

Sure is. 

Should I tip when ordering Curbside?

There is no need to tip. Think of Curbside as an extension of our dining room counter service. Only outside. By the curb. Please don’t tip.

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Not only is Wendy’s delivery no-contact, it’s also no-driving, no-going-outside, and, most importantly, no-putting-on-pants.

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With Wendy’s Rewards, all mobile orders automatically earn points—and guess what. All Curbside orders ARE mobile orders. Boom. Go get them points.

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