Wendy's Nutrition and Health Information


We work hard to offer our customers high-quality, fresh food choices. We’ve provided nutrition information for many years, both in our restaurants and on Through our website and on our mobile application, customers can search for nutritional information about a specific menu item or combine items and calculate totals for their meal. We believe this gives our customers a way to plan which menu items fit their personal lifestyle and dietary needs.


Customers may download our My Wendy's mobile application on their iPhone or android by visiting the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play Store or


Our food is wholesome and delicious. We strive to provide food that our customers will not only enjoy themselves, but also food they’ll feel good about serving to their family members and friends.


Allergies and Food Sensitivities

We understand that our customers may have food allergies or need to avoid certain foods, which is why we display allergen information in every restaurant. We want to make it convenient for our customers to see which menu items contain common food allergens like eggs, fish, milk, soy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. We also provide a full listing of nutritional information in every restaurant. To view nutritional information for our products, click here.


Challenges in the Industry

Like others in the restaurant industry, we are aware of the challenges we face as a business.



Sodium is a challenge not only to the restaurant industry, but for food manufacturers as well. Finding ways to reduce the level of sodium in our products, without sacrificing the flavor of our food, is an ongoing focus of our Culinary Team. We continually review our menu for improvements we can make, and ask our suppliers to work with us on ways to further enhance our food.


Trans Fat

Several years ago, Wendy's switched to a vegetable cooking oil that contains 0 grams of trans fats. We also worked with our French fry suppliers to create a blend of oils with 0 grams trans fat that is used in the manufacturing plants that prepare Wendy's Natural-Cut Fries. Visit Explore our Food and our Blog, The Square Deal, to learn more about our Nutrition and Ingredient Integrity vision.


Kids' Meal

At Wendy's, we continue to work to enhance our Kids’ Meal offerings to provide even more nutritious, great-tasting products that children enjoy and parents feel good about serving.  We currently offer menu choices like a Kids’ Hamburger and apple slices.  For quite some time, we’ve also been displaying nutritious beverage options, including 100% all-natural juice, 1% (low-fat) chocolate and white milk and water, whenever we feature our Kids’ Meal options.


In addition, in late 2014 we took the additional step of removing carbonated soft drinks from the Kids’ Meal listing on our restaurant menuboards, website and mobile app.  

We are also a proud partner of the National Restaurant Association’s Kid’s Live Well program.  This program works with restaurants nationwide to present customers with a selection of healthy and nutritious menu options that place an emphasis on lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy, as well as meet stringent nutritional criteria.


Customers may download our My Wendy's™ mobile application on their iPhone® or Android™ by visiting the iTunes® App StoreSMGoogle Play™ Store or

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