Dave's Double®, Dave's Triple®, Dave's Single®
Dave's Double®, Dave's Triple®, Dave's Single®

We never cut corners on quality.

Dave's Way
Dave's way – from day one and every day since.

When Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's in 1969, he strived to create a restaurant a cut above the rest. Dave wanted to create a place where a family could gather for a wholesome meal with only fresh, quality ingredients. He believed that if it's something you wouldn't serve to your family, it's not something that you should find at Wendy's. That's how Dave did it, and that's how we continue to do it today.

Every Wendy's you walk into today is built on Dave's values and foundation – quality, wholesome food that's made to order. By using fresh ingredients, we're able to serve you our premium hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and more. Walk into any restaurant and you'll find fresh hamburger patties, hand-chopped lettuce, hand-shaken fruit drinks and, most importantly, a staff that is ready to make you feel welcome. By doing all this, we're able to create an environment for any family to gather for a better meal. It may not be how the other guys do it but we're not the other guys – we're Wendy's.

We don't cut corners

Providing fresh hamburger patties to our restaurants isn't always easy, but the joy and pride that come with grilling up a fresh premium hamburger makes it all worth it.

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100% pure beef across the menu

Not only are our beef suppliers close to home, but we've handpicked partners who share the same values when it comes to quality, animal care and safety in both product and work environment. All of our partners who supply our restaurants follow a code of conduct to ensure our guests are getting the best product possible. Focusing on Food Safety and Food Ingredients, Farm Animal Health and Well-Being, Human Rights and Labor Practices, Environmentally Sustainable Business Practices, and Business Ethics and Integrity, our code holds our suppliers to a higher standard. This code of conduct makes sure farms are shipping pure beef hamburgers that are the correct weight and packaged properly.

Premium, delicious hamburger patties

Alright, so you've heard about how we use fresh beef to make sure we're giving you a quality meal, and now we'll tell you why. When it comes down to it, it's because of Dave Thomas. His vision and work philosophy is something we follow to this day and hold very close for every aspect of Wendy's. Even when we hire employees, we make sure to bring in people Dave would be proud of, because quality food doesn't happen without quality people.

It's those people in every restaurant who are going to make sure we serve up something better than the competition. By focusing on quality in our food, in our people and in our overall experience, it's easy to see what makes us different from the other guys. Restaurant patrons can tell when you don't care, like when you call their order as a number and not a name, so we go out of our way to make sure our guests know we care. We aim to make everyone feel welcome and put effort into the food we're serving to each person. Quality isn't only in our fresh beef – it's in everything we do.

Hot 'n' Juidy Dave's Double®
Hot 'n' Juidy Dave's Double®