Get Your Spoon Ready for Wendy's New Strawberry Frosty®

We’re dishing out what you need to know about this limited-time frozen dessert flavor.

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Wendy's Strawberry Frosty

Unsurprisingly, everyone has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Wendy’s® Strawberry Frosty® – in fact, it’s one of the most requested items from our fans. And luckily our customers know that Wendy’s is always listening to what they’re craving (just ask one of our celebrity fans about the return of Spicy Nuggs).

So, we are very excited to deliver what’s been on everyone’s summer wish list! Starting today, June 6, and for the first time nationally, the Strawberry Frosty will be available for a limited time, joining the Chocolate Frosty in our famous Frosty lineup.

We all have moments when we could use a simple escape from our busy lives. That’s why Wendy’s is inviting everyone to turn their much needed “me time” into Frosty Time this summer with this brand new Frosty. Your brief break from reality has never tasted so berry good.

What The Strawberry Frosty Tastes Like

Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty merges the same creamy, delectable profile you know and love in a classic Vanilla Frosty with the sweet flavor profile of a freshly picked strawberry. Each spoonful is a thick and flavorful bite that will keep you cool on even the hottest days.

Fun Fact: I said “spoonful,” because the Frosty was created to be eaten with a spoon. The spoon-ready consistency falls perfectly between a milkshake and soft-serve ice cream, which is what makes it such an iconic dessert.

And did you know the Frosty has been a staple on the Wendy’s menu since the first restaurant opened in 1969? It was actually one of the five original menu items, meaning Wendy’s has been delivering this one-of-a-kind treat to ice cream lovers for over 50 years.

Showcasing our commitment to Fast Food Done Right, the new Strawberry Frosty is shaking up the in-restaurant, delivery and drive-thru dessert game. Whether you’re on your way to the beach or an afternoon picnic, I promise you’ll be tempted to pull over and pick one up on the way. For the most dynamic flavor experience, however, you’ll want to dip Wendy’s reimagined Hot & Crispy Fries into the Strawberry Frosty. It’s a sweet and salty creation unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Need more convincing? There’s a reason Frosty lovers have been craving this menu innovation since the beginning

the only thing getting me through the next month is the knowledge that the strawberry frosty is coming to wendys soon

— Grey (@GreyAustinH) May 20, 2022

Is this Wendy’s strawberry frosty news true? I need answers, because if true, it could be the single best piece of news all year.

— Marc Malkoskie (@marcmalkoskie) May 17, 2022

Visit your nearest participating U.S. Wendy’s or download the Wendy’s app to order this limited-time Frosty before summer ends. And tweet us @Wendys to let us know how you savor your Strawberry Frosty!