Keep Your Friends Close & Farmer Friends Closer

Liliana Esposito speaks with The Ohio Farm Bureau about Wendy’s commitment to the American Farmer

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Wendy's Supply Chain
Wendy's Supply Chain

You’re probably familiar with the age-old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”. And while we may not know which came first, at Wendy’s, we know where our chicken (and eggs) come from. We believe that our quality food is a direct result of the progress-driven partnerships we’ve created with farmers throughout the years. By investing in animal welfare, purposeful sourcing and other farm-forward initiatives, we help deliver the freshest ingredients to Wendy’s customers. And you know, you might say we were a bit ahead of the curve. But really, that transparency is in our DNA: we simply and truly believe in doing things the right way, and quality - that starts with fresh never frozen beef - is our recipe.

There is a lot that has changed from the early days of the Wendy’s brand, but the heart of our brand promise has remained the same. People want fresh food that is craveable, made right and from people and practices they can feel good about and the Wendy’s suppliers help us achieve this. Learn more about how we’re fostering progress and change in the Wendy’s supply chain from Liliana Esposito, our Chief Communications Officer, in the Town Hall Ohio podcast below.