Kids Meal Toys Sticker Your Story

Sticker Your Story

Each toy in this collection allows kids to create their own adventure story in one of four scenes: Mars Landing, Rainforest River, Ocean Depths, or Desert Dawn. The toy unfolds into a two-foot-long colorful environment with multiple sticker sheets for kids to create and explore their story. On the flip side, there are themed mazes and seek & find activities!

Wendy's kids' meal Mars Landing Sticker Your Story In 3D toy
Mars Landing
Rainforest River
Kids Meal Sticker Your Story - Rainforest River
Wendy's kids' meal Ocean Depths Sticker Your Story in 3D toy.
Ocean Depths
Desert Dawn
Wendy's kids' meal Desert Dawn Sticker Your Story in 3D toy.
Kids Meal Sticker Your Story - Activities for Home
Fun Activities for Home!

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