Kids Meal Mix Its
Mix Its

Which pair of Mix Its did you get?

Each “blind” bag in this collection comes with TWO mystery characters that kids can mix and mash to make their own funny creations. Each character has three parts:  a body, a head, and a hat or a hairdo. Each bag contains a silly pair like a pirate and mermaid or an ogre and a unicorn. Collect all the characters for even more hilarious mash-up combinations, there are 6 bags and 12 figures in all!

Super Hero & Villain Kids' Meal Toy
Super Hero & Super Villain
Pirate & Mermaid
Pirate & Mermaid: Image
Diver & Sea Creature Kids' Meal Toy
Diver & Sea Creature
Unicorn & Ogre
Unicorn & Ogre Kids' Meal Toy
Adventurer & Mummy Kids' Meal Toy
Adventurer & Mummy
Cool Cat & Hot Dog
Cool Cat & Hot Dog Kids' Meal Toy
Activities at Home: Image
Fun Activities for Home

Extend playtime with these cool crafts.

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