Kids Meal Transformers

Roll out to Wendy’s®, Transformers have arrived!


Kids can build one of six different Transformers by adding custom parts to each character and can also change the expressions and poses on each. The collection features key members from both the Autobots and Decepticons. The six Transformers are: Optimus PrimeTM, WindbladeTM, BumblebeeTM, SoundwaveTM, MegatronTM, and StarscreamTM.

Kids Meal Transformers Optimus Prime
Optimus PrimeTM

Leader of the Autobots


Leader of the Decepticons

Kids Meal Transformers Megatron
Kids Meal Transformers Bumblebee

Hero of the People


Second-in-Command of the Decepticons

Kids Meal Transformers Starscream
Kids Meal Transformers Windblade



Espionage Officer

Kids Meal Transformers Soundwave
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