How Wendy's Took Feast of Legends to New York Comic Con

Roll the dice.

Wendy's Feast of Legends
Wendy's Feast of Legends

We like to think of Wendy’s® as the queen of gaming, and we made that known with the release of our own tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) in 2019. Feast of Legends captures all of our competitive passions and we just had to share that with the world.

The first time you sit down at a dining room table, grab a handful of dice and get ready to battle dragons, mindflayers and goblins… it can be a tad daunting. Just the acronym TTRPG contains enough letters to be a full word, and wait, aren’t dice supposed to be six sided? Deep breaths, you’re going to make it through this in no time.

The most popular examples of TTRPG are high fantasy, featuring elves, dwarves, dungeons, orcs and probably a few dragons. A group of friends gather around a table, create characters and act out what their characters would do in an imaginary world. It’s incredibly fun and you should give it a try. Did I mention that we have an easy way for you to do just that?

Feast of Legends allows players to choose their favorite food item – like a Dave’s Single® or Spicy Nuggs – band together, and fight against the evils of frozen beef. Because we all know, if it ain’t fresh. . . And if people were going to be gathering around a dining table, we figured they might as well do it with the best food in the business.

We met our fans where we knew they would be and launched the limited-edition physical copy of Feast of Legends at New York Comic Con. We held a panel, handed out books, dice and posters, and that night we threw one heck of a party (pre-COVID-19). Simultaneously, we launched the Feast of Legends website where people could download the PDF version of the book.  And, if they didn’t have dice, we included a dice roller.

The main goal of Feast of Legends was to bring people together and get them to share a meal along with a few laughs. We also wanted to put out a game that was accessible to those familiar with the RPG world and those who were playing a TTRPG for the first time. You may not know everything about orcs, but you surely know something about French fries!

The communities that have popped up in support of Feast of Legends on platforms like Reddit® and Discord® have been amazing. Some have taken it upon themselves to create new content to play with the game and discuss the things that happen when their friends get together to play. While there aren’t any official expansions yet, never say never. A world where Wendy’s food gets to wipe out its competitors on the field of battle is ripe for more stories to be told.

Get together with your close friends (social distancing outdoors and wearing masks are recommended!), or even meet up on a video chat, grab a Frosty® for a stat bonus, and check out the fun in Feast of Legends.

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