Nuggets dipped in sauce
Doesn't Cost a Fortune
Designed to deliver value

Our culinary team thoughtfully assesses every ingredient and source to make sure our food cost goes toward maximizing enjoyment, taste and satisfaction. We solve for flavor and craveability first, and then figure out how to meet a price our customers can feel good about.

Wendy's 444 meal with Spicy Crispy Chicken, 4pc nuggets, fries & Sprite
Lynn Smith headshot

"We look for the best quality ingredients for our menu items, but we also look for the best pricing. That way we make great food available and affordable for our customers."

- Lynn Smith

Manager, Commercialization

Food you love at a price you love, every day

Our food is designed to maximize flavor and fit your budget.

eating a salad
- Jonathon Brewer, Senior Analyst, Commercialization

"Fast food shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why we continuously work with our suppliers to find ways to provide value to our customers."

- Jonathon Brewer

Manager, Commercialization