Wendy's fresh food
High-quality, fresh ingredients

We were built on fresh, so we start with fresh, high-quality ingredients—from fresh, never-frozen beef1 to applewood-smoked bacon and the seasonal produce we use in our salads.

putting hamburger together
Image Emily Kessler

"We make our salads every day in every restaurant. You can choose if you want grilled, spicy, or no chicken at all!"

- Emily Kessler

Manager, Culinary Innovation

Made fresh every day

We prep from scratch every day—slicing our tomatoes by hand, preparing our house-made chili and cooking our bacon to ensure quality and freshness in every order.

Wendy's crew member prepping salads
Eryn Bennet Image

"If you order through the app or website, you can customize pretty much anything!"

- Eryn Bennett

Manager, Culinary Innovation

Prepared fresh to order

Our food is made fresh to order, and that means we can customize it to meet our customers’ preferences.

Wendy's crew member cooking fresh eggs
1Fresh beef available in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Canada.