Wendy's Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich
Real food

We serve real food made from purposefully sourced ingredients. 

Lettuce field
Michael Krimmer Image

"All food that is real and good starts in a kitchen. That's why our development process always starts out in a real kitchen, not in a science lab, to create food that I would want to eat and that I would be proud to serve my family."

- Michael Krimmer

Manager, Culinary Innovation

Real kitchens

Our food is prepared in-house in restaurant kitchens by real people using regular cooking equipment—like grills, ovens and fryers.

Wendy's crew member in kitchen
Min Kwak Headshot

"A line in a kitchen is a team that works in an intricate dance. During the development process, we bounce things off each other to grow and expand our ideas."

- Min Kwak

Senior Specialist, Culinary Innovation

Food we’re proud to share

We don’t serve anything we wouldn’t serve to our own friends and families. This means no cutting corners when it comes to sourcing or preparation. This is food our customers can eat every day and feel good about.

Wendy's crew member serving customer at drive-thru