Quality Is Our Recipe®


And it starts with our ingredients.


Is it just us, or are a lot of restaurants using words that don’t really mean anything? They talk about their “artisanal” chefs and “superfoods,” and how their “all-natural” menus are perfect for “eating clean.” Wait, what?


At Wendy’s, we understand how powerful words can be. We were founded on the words, "Quality is our Recipe.” And since day one in 1969, we have worked hard to meet that standard each and every day.


But we believe that there’s a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Without specifics, “quality” is just another word that sounds good, but has no real meat on it. And you know we’re not about that.


So, we decided to write those specifics down for everyone to see. They are the four foundational “ingredients” that guide our food choices and make up the recipe book from which our employees, restaurant operators and suppliers all work:


  1. Fresh. We’ve always used beef that’s never been frozen*. Our fruits and veggies are from quality farms and fields, and we say no to artificial ingredients, flavorings and preservatives whenever possible. In other words, we work hard to use ingredients in our kitchens that you use in yours.


  1. Made Right. All of our sandwiches are made to order. We cook bacon in our restaurant ovens throughout the day as well. We prepare our food as close as possible to the way you’d prepare it at home, including adhering to the highest standards of food safety.


  1. Craveable. Above all, we value the taste of our food, and we’ll never sacrifice the delicious flavor of our hamburgers, fries, or anything else on our menu. Mouthwatering, gotta-have-it-now flavor is our M.O., so you know you can count on us to satisfy that craving – whether it’s for your meat-and-cheesy afternoon snack or your oh-so-sweet late-night treat. 


  1. Honest. We’re transparent about how we source our ingredients and what happens to them upon arrival to our restaurants. We provide information on nutrition, ingredients, product sourcing and allergens so you can make informed choices, and we’ll continue to do so.


These pillars are at the center of everything we do. At Wendy’s, “quality” is more than just a word we use; it’s a value we live by. It’s a commitment to ourselves, to every member of our fresh food supply chain, and to you to do things differently — to do them better than the other guys.


Read on for a deeper look at the story behind these quality ingredients only found at Wendy’s:

  • Fresh, Never Frozen Beef

    • Where do we get our beef? We source our beef from North American farmers and ranchers who raise cattle specifically for high-quality beef grades. We also work with industry experts on the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to promote advancements to ensure North American beef is raised sustainably and around for years to come. Oh, and did we mention that our beef is fresh, never frozen*? That’s how we deliver the most delicious hamburgers
  • Signature Lettuce Blend
    • We were the first quick-service restaurant to offer a salad bar way back in 1979 – and turned that into a full line of salads in 1992. We prepare our salads fresh every day in every restaurant. And it starts with our signature lettuce blend made with romaine and spring mix. Wendy’s food safety and quality requirements ensure that our suppliers have always gone above and beyond to deliver the best of the best.
  • Vine-Ripened, Greenhouse-Grown Tomatoes
    • We always hand-sliced tomatoes for our sandwiches right in the restaurant every day. But we want our tomatoes to sing with flavor. That’s why in 2018, Wendy’s announced our tomato supply will be exclusively vine-ripened tomatoes from greenhouse farms in 2019. Any way you slice ‘em, these tomatoes are a step above.
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
    • It’s not like we could slap any bacon on a burger and call it a Baconator®! Oh no – at Wendy’s we exclusively serve Center Cut, Naturally Smoked Applewood bacon, made from fresh pork bellies, and cooked daily in our restaurants. Fun fact: One of our original bacon suppliers sent representatives to personally deliver the first eight cases of bacon directly to Dave Thomas at a Wendy’s in downtown Columbus; they cooked it with Dave and tested it on a hamburger in 1982. And that, friends, was the year the bacon cheeseburger hit our menu.
  • Seasonal Berries
    • What do we want? Berries! When do we want ‘em? When they’re in season. We’ve worked hard to bring fresh seasonal berries, like strawberries and blueberries, to a salad or a side dish near you. We’ve even worked with farmers years in advance to plant and grow the precise berries we want for a seasonal summer salad. When you’re as obsessed with flavor as we are, failure is not an option! Ah, sweet, sweet success.  
  • Sweet White Onion
    • When it comes to our ingredients, every detail matters – especially when it comes to taste. That’s why we have a high-quality, sweet onion that was specifically chosen to complement all the ingredients in our delicious line-up of hamburgers. This white onion provides a sensational balance of flavors that all come together to highlight our fresh never frozen beef.     
  • Made-For-Us Salad Dressing
    • Our friends at Marzetti® are really into their dressings. Since 2008, they have collaborated with us to create special you-can-only-find-it-at-Wendy’s salad dressings from their Simply Dressed® line. Which means the dressings have no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial flavors, and they’re gluten free. Just the good stuff!  


To learn more about how we view the food we and our customers love, including nutritional facts and information, click here.


*Fresh beef available in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Canada.

Marzetti and Simply Dressed are registered trademarks of the T. Marzetti Company