Quality is our Recipe...It’s the philosophy our founder Dave Thomas lived by...and it’s the philosophy on which Wendy’s is built. It’s why we work to deliver great-tasting food that is made when you order it and served to you by people who care.

It’s why Dave used fresh beef and produce at the first Wendy’s restaurant, and it’s why we still serve fresh ingredients today in our more than 6,500 restaurants.

It’s why we’re committed to Do the Right Thing, providing simple, honest and wholesome food and why we hold our suppliers to our high standards.

It’s why—for more than 40 years—we’ve been an outlier in the fast-food world. We put Quality in everything we do and it keeps us Deliciously Different.

We invite you to browse through the below pods to learn more about Wendy’s commitment to doing the right thing through our food, actions and people.

Dave Thomas Quality Food
Profiles in Quality

We were practicing a farm-to-table model before the term even existed, which is why we've produced Profiles in Quality: From Start to Fresh. This video takes you to the Church Brothers fields in California to learn how we source the lettuce to make our fresh, great-tasting salads. Watch video.

The Square Deal

Why launch a blog? Well, quite simply, we want to start a conversation from the point of view of those of us tasked to lead our organization and live out the values that Wendy’s was built upon. We aim to create a forum to tell Wendy’s story and highlight the beliefs that guide our business and our decisions every day. You’ll often hear from members of our team who are particularly passionate and knowledgeable about certain topics which affect the Wendy's family and our valued customers. Check out our blog.

Square Deal

Wendy's in the News

Wendy's Maintains Focus on Quality Beef From America

By Wyatt Bechtel


Feburary 20, 2016

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Fast Food's Big Challenge: Fresh Ingredients

By Julie Jargon

The Wall Street Journal

August 18, 2015 

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Wendy's Addresses Antibiotic Use in Beef Production

By Amanda Radke

BEEF Daily

February 2, 2016

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Wendy's Cows

Friends of Wendy's

Meet Tina!

Tina Bowling is a professional blogger living in the Chicago area.  In 2015, she visited her local Wendy’s for a behind-the-scenes look at how Wendy’s salads are made. Learn more about her experience. Read her blog.

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Meet Kat!

Kat, an established mom blogger who blogs about the lighter side of parenting, was invited to see the inner workings of Wendy’s Headquarters and try Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Find out what she saw on her visit! Watch her video.

Kat Youtube Still
Meet Xenia!

Xenia Droid is based in California a blogger and mother to four boys in California. She got to experience the journey of Wendy’s lettuce from field to restaurant. Find out what she learned here. Read her blog.